Climbing Plants

grown in 3L pots on 3’ canes unless otherwise stated

Catalogue of climbers (scrollable)
ActinidiaKolomiktaVariegated foliage, white flowers, June£9.50
AmpelopsisElegansGreen palmate leaves heavily mottled with pink and white, pink stems£7.50
CampsisRadicans Dancing Flame'Trumpet Vine', brilliant scarlet flowers£7.50
CampsisIndian Summer
ClematisComtesse de BouchardRose pink flowers with creamy yellow stamens£7.90
ClematisBroughton StarSemi double. Pale pink with darker vein. Vigorous£7.90
ClematisHagley HybridDelicate mauve-pink, cup-shaped flowers with reddish-brown centres£7.90
ClematisJan Powell IILarge, pink tinged white flowers with red anthers£7.90
ClematisMarie Boisselot / Miss BatemanLarge, pure white flowers with cream stamens and broad, rounded, overlapping petals, June - September£7.90
ClematisMontana RubensVigorous. Strongly fragrant pink flowers£7.90
ClematisMontana Grandiflora AlbaVigorous, early, clear white flowers£7.90
ClematisRouge CardinalLarge open crimson velvet flowers£7.90
Clematisthe PresidentLarge purple blue flowers with silver reverse£7.90
ClematisVille de LyonRich dark crimson with yellow anthers. July-Oct£7.90
HederaColchica Dentata VarLarge leaved ivy, golden margins£7.50
HederaGloire de MarengoLarge leaved ivy, deep yellow centres£7.50
HederaSulphur HeartLarge gold and lime variegated leaves£7.50
Hedera HelixGold HeartGold centred, small leaved ivy£7.50
Hedera HelixGlacierGrey/blue leaved ivy£7.50
Hedera HelixGoldchildVariegated, yellow margins£7.50
Hedera HelixGreen RippleJagged green leaves with dark shading£7.50
HumulusLupulus 'Aureus'Soft yellow foliage£9.50
HydrangeaPetiolarisClimbing hydrangea. White flowers, June. Good for shady spot£9.50
HydrangeaPetiolarisClimbing hydrangea. White flowers, June. Good for shady spot 10ltr£19.50
JasminiumAureumLeaves variegated yellow, white fragrant flowers£7.50
JasminiumBeesianumSmall fragrant red flowers£7.50
JasminiumFiona Sunrisegolden yellow, fern like foliage. Fragrant, white flowers £7.50
JasminiumHumile RevolutumLarge deep yellow flowers throughout summer£7.50
JasminiumNudiflorum'Winter Jasmine', yellow flowers, Nov-Feb£7.50
JasminiumOfficionaleScented white flowers£7.50
Jasminiumx StephanansePale pink flowers, summer£7.50
LoniceraDropmore ScarletSmall fragrant orangey-red flowers with bright orange inner£7.50
LoniceraJaponica HallianaEvergreen, fragrant white flower£7.50
LoniceraHeckrottii Gold FlameSemi-evergreen, rose pink with yellow interior£7.50
LoniceraHenryiiLarge leaved, evergreen, fragrant
LoniceraPericyclemen BelgicaEarly dutch honeysuckle£7.50
LoniceraPericyclemen SerotinaLate dutch honeysuckle£7.50
ParthenocissusQuinquefolia'Virginia Creeper', brilliant autumn colour, large leaves£7.50
ParthenocissusVeitchii'Boston Ivy', smaller leaved form, purple in autumn£7.50
PassifloraCaeruleaBlue Passion Flower£9.50
PolygonumBaldschuanicum'Russian Vine', vigorous, pink tinged flowers£7.50
PyracanthaOrange GlowVigorous, dense shrub with bright orange fruits£6.90
PyracanthaMohaveVigorous red berried form£6.90
Pyracanthared ColumnRed fruits, ripen early £6.90
PyracanthaRogersiana 'Flava'Bright yellow fruits£6.90
Pyracantha'Soleil d'or'Golden yellow berries borne in large clusters£6.90
SolanumGlasnevinBlue flowers£7.50
SolanumJasminoides 'Alba'Flowers white with yellow centres£7.50
TrachelospermumJasminoidesA fast-growing climber with glossy dark green leaves often turning deep red in winter, and clusters of very fragrant white flowers.£9.50
VitisCoignetiaeLarge leaved vine, spectacular autumn colour£7.50
VitisPurpureaBronze young foliage deepens to mauve then rich deep purple.£7.50
WisteriaSinensisLarge shrub, fragrant mauve flowers£7.50
WisteriaSinensis AlbaFlowers white
WisteriaViolocea Plena'Black Dragon' Vigorous climber with double violet-purple flowers
WisteriaOther varieties and sizes often available