If planted in an urban area, a pollinating partner is not generally necessary

Pollinating group in brackets.

Apples will pollinate with same group and one above/one below

Catalogue of fruit trees (scrollable)
TypeNameDescriptionPrice £
APPLESBeauty of BathSweet juicy apple with an acid tang.£29.50
APPLESBramley Seedling (3)Finest of all cooking apples. Large orchard tree.£29.50
APPLESCox's Orange Pippin (3)Firm, juicy flesh, superb flavour. Very popular variety. £29.50
APPLESEgremont Russet (2)Good, regular crops of apples. Characteristic nutty flavour. Oct£29.50
APPLESGolden Delicious (4)Even shaped fruit with clear yellow skin. Juicy sweet dessert apple. Oct£29.50
APPLESGranny Smith (3)Crisp, hard apple with very sharp taste£29.50
APPLESGrenadier (3)Tasty cooking apple. Heavy, regular crops can be used from August to September£29.50
APPLESJames Grieve (3)Regular, reliable cropper. Rich, juicy flavour. £29.50
APPLESLaxtons SuperbPopular English, late season dessert apple.£29.50
APPLESWorcester Pearmain (3)Reliable crop of delicious orange-red fruit. Good in all soils. Large tree.£29.50
PEARSAll pears are in pollinating groups 2 or 3 and therefore pollinators for each other
PEARSBeurre HardyReliable cropper, rose-tinted flesh with delicate perfume.£29.50
PEARSConferenceSelf-fertile. Valuable pollinator, regular cropper. Versatile popular variety£29.50
PEARSDoyenne du ComiceNeeds warm position, rich soil and plenty moisture. Outstanding variety with sweet juicy flesh. £29.50
PEARSWilliamsBest all round pear. Strong compact tree. Very juicy, sweet, good cropper. £29.50
PLUM/DAMSONCzarPurple skinned plum with tangy yellow flesh. Good for cooking and eating. Early Aug.£34.50
PLUM/DAMSONMerryweather DamsonProlific, hardy cooking damson. Large fruit. Late Aug.£34.50
PLUM/DAMSONOld GreengagePale yellow-green fruit with soft, sweet flesh late summer. S/F£34.50
PLUM/DAMSONVictoriaVigorous, self-fertile, most widely-grown plum. Crops well in heavy clay. Late Aug/early sept.£34.50
PLUM/DAMSONOuillins GageVery sweet, fairly large yellow gage. S/F£34.50
CHERRYMorelloSelf-fertile. Beautiful ornamental cooking cherry with good autumn colour.£34.50
CHERRYStellaLarge dark red, sweet and juicy. Self-fertile. £34.50
MEDLAR (Mespilus Germanica)WesterveldEdible brown fruits useful for preserves and desserts.£34.50
QUINCE (Cydonia Oblonga)ChampionSelf-fertile. Large pale green-yellow fruits. Grows well in moist, heavy soil. Needs sunny position to ripen.£34.50
GRAPEBoskoop GloryBlack Grape. Good dual purpose outdoor variety£12.50
GRAPEEarly Van der LaanWhite fruity grape.£12.50
FIGBrown TurkeyBest all round fig, bearing large purple-brown fruits with sugary rich red flesh. Hardy.£12.90
COBNUTCosfordSelf-fertile good pollinator, produces sweet nuts with a thin shell, reliable.£23.50
COBNUTKentish Cob (syn ‘Lambert’s Filbert’): Self-fertile, good flavour and fine textured nut. Hardy and reliable.£23.50