Ornamental Trees

Scrollable catalogue of ornamental trees grown in 13.5 Litre, 10” pots. Varying in height according to variety.

NameVarietyDescriptionPrice from £
Acer'Crimson King'Large tree with deep crimson-purple leaves. Flowers deep yellow tinged red£39.50
Acer'Drumondii'Broad leaves with striking white marginal band£39.50
Acer'Leopoldii'Leaves open yellowish-pink, later green, speckled and splashed yellow and pink£39.50
AcerFlamingoStriking pink and white variegated leavesvarious
AcerSaccharinum'Sugar Maple'. Large, fast growing tree, good autumn colour£35.00
Aesculus x CarneaBriotii'Red Horse Chestnut' Compact form with deep coloured flowers. Slow growing£39.50
Aesculus x CarneaHippocastanum'Common Horse Chestnut'. Vigorous large tree£35.00
AilanthusAltissima'Tree of Heaven' Large tree with huge ash-like leaves£35.00
AlnusCordata'Italian Alder' Medium to large conical tree, bright green glistening foliage£35.00
BetulaPendula'Silver Birch' Tall tree with white peeling bark£35.00
Betula'Purpurea'Slow growing tree with purple leaves£39.50
Betula'Youngii'Beautiful dome shaped, small weeping tree. Ideal for small gardens.39.5
BetulaUtilis 'Jacquemontii'Coppery brown bark on youngwood peels to leave white bark£39.50
CastaneaSativa'Sweet Chestnut' Fast growing large specimen tree, yellowish green catkins£35.00
CatalpaBignoides'Indian Bean Tree' White flowers with yellow and purple markings£45.00
CercidiphyllumJaponicum'Katsura Tree' Small/medium tree, good autumn colour. Burnt sugar aroma £35.00
CotoneasterHybrida PendulaEvergreen or semi-evergreen. A lovely tree with weeping branches. Small white flowers and red autumn berries. 2m x 2m£39.50
CrataegusLaevigata GiroudiiUnusual variegated leaf.£39.50
CrataegusOxyacantha 'Pauls Scarlet'Double scarlet flowers, May. Small round-headed tree.39.5-
Crataegus'Albo Plena'Double white flowers, May£39.50
Crataegus'Rosea Plena'Pink flowers£39.50
FagusSylvatic PendulaSpectacular large weeping beech£49.00
FagusSylvatica Purpurea PendulaPurple weeping beech£49.00
Fraxinus'ash'Cannot Currently be Sold
FraxinusOxycarpa 'Raywood'Dense upright tree with plum-purple autumn colour
FraxinusExcelsior 'Jaspidea'Vigorous form with golden yellow shoots
GleditsiaTriacanthos 'Sunburst'Medium sized tree with bright yellow young foliage£39.50
JuglansNigra'Black Walnut' Fast-growing with deeply furrowed bark£35.00
JuglansRegiaCommon Walnut. Large and spreading, with a broad, round canopy and edible nuts in autumn. £35.00
LaburnumWatereri 'Vossii'Long racemes of profuse yellow flowers, summer£45.00
LaburnumAlpinum Pendulum_ standard£45.00
Malus'Crab Apple'
MalusEveresteSmall tree with large white flowers. Fruit flushed yellow, orange & red£39.50
MalusFloribundaSmall tree with long arching branches, crimson buds open to white/pale pink£39.50
Malus'Golden Hornet'Small tree with white flowers followed by large crop of bright yellow fruits£39.50
Malus'John Downie'White flowers, large bright orange and red fruits£39.50
Malus'Profusion'Profuse wine-red fragrant flowers, young leaves coppery crimson£39.50
Malus'red Jade'Small tree with weeping branches, white & pink flowers, red fruits£39.50
MalusRed SentinelMedium tree with white, strongly scented flowers and red berry sized fruit.£39.50
Malus'Tshonskii'Columnar. White flowers. Fantastic autumn colour£39.50
Parrotia Persica'Persian Ironwood'
Parrotia PersicaSmall, rounded tree with fine autumn colour, giving a display of crimson, purple, red and gold. It does well on most soils, including chalk.
Parrotia PersicaMature Height: 5-10mVarious
PopulusAlba'White poplar'£35.00
Populusx Candicans 'Aurora'Young leaves marbled white
PopulusNigra Italica'Lombardy Poplar' Very tall, tightly columnar and of uniform habit£35.00
Prunus'Flowering Cherries'
PrunusAccoladeSmall tree with semi-double, rich pink flowers in profuse pendulous clusters£39.50
PrunusAvium 'PlenaBranches wreathed with masses of drooping, double white flowers£39.50
PrunusAmanagowaSmall columnar tree with erect branches, dense clusters of fragrant, semi-double, shell-pink flowers£39.50
PrunusAutumnalisWhite flowers£39.50
PrunusAutumnalis RoseaSemi-double pink flowers, November - March£39.50
PrunusCerasifera NigraSmall tree, leaves and stems blackish purple, prolific pink flowers March-April£39.50
PrunusCheals Weeping£45.00
Prunussyn. Kiku-Shidare ZakuraSmall tree with drooping branches, deep pink double flowers, late spring.£45.00
PrunusKanzanMedium tree, large showy double purplish-pink flowers£39.50
PrunusPadus'Bird Cherry' Medium tree, small white almond-scented flowers in May£39.50
PrunusPink PerfectionClusters of frilly double flowers£39.50
PrunusSargentiiSingle pink flowers in March, beautiful orange & crimson autumn colour£39.50
PrunusShirotaeMount Fuji Cherry. Wide spreading. Fragrant white double flowers£39.50
PrunusSpireSlender, upright tree, columnar when young but fanning out slightly as it ages. Small, soft pink single flowers in April£39.50
Pyrus CalleryanaChanticleerNarrowly conical medium tree colouring well in autumn. White flowers.£39.50
Pyrus Salicifolia'Pendula''Weeping pear' Small weeping tree with attractive silver foliage£39.50
QuercusRoburEnglish Oak£35.00
QuercusRubraRed oak, leaves dark brown at end of season£35.00
QuercusCerrisTurkey Oak£35.00
RhusTyphina'Stag's Horn Sumach'. Large pinnate leaves give rich autumn colours. Dense conical clusters of crimson, hairy fruits£26.50
Robinia'False Acacia' to Order Only
SalixAlba 'Tristes'Weeping willow, large tree with golden tipped foliage £35.00
SalixCaprea 'Pendula'Small umbrella like tree with stiffly pendulous branches. Silvery catkins studded with golden antlers in winter£24.50
SalixIntegra Hakuro NishikiTop-worked variegated leaves, tinged pink.£24.50
SorbusAria 'Lutescens''Whitebeam' silvery leaves, outstanding in spring£39.50
SorbusAucuparia'Mountain Ash' bright red fruits in large dense clusters during autumn£35.00
SorbusCashmirianaSmall tree with large white fruits, flowers tinged pink£39.50
SorbusDecoraDense clusters of orange berries turning to red£35.00
Sorbus'Joseph Rock'Outstanding small tree with beautiful autumn shades, clusters of yellow fruits£39.50
SorbusDiscolorCompact broadly, conical tree. Leaves turn yellow-red-purple in autumn. Bears white flowers in late spring followed by orange-red berries. £39.50
SorbusVilmoriniiSmall tree with lovely autumn tints, clusters of rose-red fruit turning to white£39.50
TiliaCordataSmall leaved lime with ivory coloured, scented flowers£39.50