ROSES ~ £8.50 each (four for £30)

Rose catalogue (scrollable)
Miniature / PatioIdeal for pots
Miniature / PatioBirthday WishesClusters of scented red flowers in summer and autumn8.50
Miniature / PatioMothers DayFully double crimson-red blooms
Miniature / PatioPearl AnniversaryClusters of pearly pink, subtly scented, semi-double flowers
Miniature / PatioRed RascalAbundant red flowers, neat, compact growth.
Miniature / PatioSpecial WishesScented red/orange blooms
Miniature / PatioSweet DreamDouble peach-apricot blooms in good sized clusters. Repeat flowering
Climbers / RamblersAlberic BarbierFragrant, double, flat, creamy white blooms.8.50
Climbers / RamblersAlbertineVigorous branching rambler. Copper buds open to fragrant pink.
Climbers / RamblersSoft creamy white with good fragrance
Climbers / RamblersDanse du feuVivid scarlet orange flowers
Climbers / RamblersExcelsaDeep magenta double flowers. Rambler
Climbers / RamblersGolden ShowersLarge golden yellow double blooms, sweet fragrance, repeat flowering
Climbers / RamblersIcebergSemi-double, white, honey scented popular climber
Climbers / RamblersMaigoldCoppery yellow, semi double, perfumed
Climbers / RamblersNew DawnClusters of sweetly scented silvery pink flowers
Climbers / RamblersScent from HeavenRepeat flowering apricot-orange blooms with strong scent
Climbers / RamblersSchoolgirlDouble apricot, repeat flowering
Climbers / RamblersZephirine DrouhinClusters of scented, deep pink flowers on thornless stems
Shrub / Ground CoverBoule de NeigeCamellia-like white flowers. Rich fragrance8.50
Shrub / Ground CoverCharles de MillsDouble magenta-pink flowers with an intense fragrance
Shrub / Ground CoverLouise OdierRichly fragrant flowers of lovely bright pink, shaded lilac
Shrub / Ground CoverRosa MundiSplashes of pink and white on a crimson background
Shrub / Ground CoverRoseraie de l'HayeLarge, fragrant magenta blooms
Hybrid TeaA Whiter Shade of PalePerfecly formed, blush pink. Strong fragrance.8.50
Hybrid TeaDutch GoldWell formed blooms of unfading golden-yellow. Very fragrant.
Hybrid TeaJust JoeyCoppery orange, fragrant
Hybrid TeaMary BerryDouble white blooms, strong fragrance
Hybrid TeaMum in a MillionLarge, highly fragrant mid pink flowers.
Hybrid TeaNostalgiaLarge, double cream blooms edged with striking sherry-red.
Hybrid TeaPaul ShirvilleSalmon-peach, bright and shapely. Free flowering. Scentedstrongly fragrant, double, high-centred, rose-pink to salmon flowersstrongly fragrant, double, high-centred, rose-pink to salmon flowers
Hybrid TeaRachelPink and peach with lovely perfume
Hybrid TeaRoyal WilliamBeautifully formed deep velvety-red flowers. Scented
Hybrid TeaSimply the BestBurnt orange flowers, fragrant
Hybrid TeaSilver WeddingFull, shapely flowers of white to creamy-white.
Hybrid TeaSpecial AnniversaryRich magenta pink colour with a very powerful fragrance
Hybrid TeaThinking of YouBlood red and deep crimson velvety petals. Fruity fragrance
Hybrid TeaWhisky MacRich gold and amber flowers, strongly scented
FloribundaAbsolutely FabulousScented butter yellow double flowers8.50
FloribundaBirthday GirlCream edged carmine pink blooms
FloribundaCrazy for YouSingle blooms with splashes and stripes of red over light red and cream background.
FloribundaElizabeth of GlamisStrongly fragrant, fully double, deep salmon flowers
FloribundaGlad TidingsMasses of large semi-double deep crimson flowers
FloribundaGlenfiddichGolden amber flowers with dark green foliage
FloribundaIcebergSweetly scented double white flowers. 4'-5'
FloribundaL'aimantFree flowering, double pink. Very fragrant.
FloribundaLilli MarleneBlack buds open into velvety dark red blooms.
FloribundaRemembranceBrilliant orange-red flowers with a delicate, light scent
FloribundaRuby CelebrationHuge trusses of deep crimson buds open into deep crimson flowers
FloribundaSouthamptonTall, apricot orange blooms
FloribundaSuper TrouperBright mandarin orange blooms with dark, glossy foliage
FloribundaTickled PinkLilac pink slightly lobed flowers. Young foliage purple
FloribundaValentine HeartFrilly petalled creamy pink touched with lilac
FloribundaWell BeingExotic, fruity fragrance. Pale orangey-pink