ROSES ~ £8.50 each (four for £30)

Rose catalogue (scrollable)
Miniature / PatioIdeal for pots
Miniature / PatioMothers DayFully double crimson-red blooms£8.50
Miniature / PatioPearl AnniversaryClusters of pearly pink, subtly scented, semi-double flowers£8.50
Miniature / PatioPink PirouetteMasses of double rose-pink and white flowers with ruffled petals£8.50
Miniature / PatioRed RascalAbundant red flowers, neat, compact growth.£8.50
Miniature / PatioSpecial wishesScented red/orange blooms.£8.50
Miniature / PatioSweet MemoriesLarge clusters of soft lemon-cream blooms.£8.50
Climbers / RamblersAlberic BarbierFragrant, double, flat, creamy white blooms.£8.50
Climbers / RamblersAlbertineVigorous branching rambler. Copper buds open to fragrant pink.£8.50
Climbers / RamblersCreme de la CrmeSoft creamy white with good fragrance£8.50
Climbers / RamblersDanse du feuVivid scarlet orange flowers£8.50
Climbers / RamblersDizzy HeightsLarge, fragrant flowers of rich, glowing scarlet£8.50
Climbers / RamblersDublin BayRepeat flowering, blood red blooms£8.50
Climbers / RamblersEna HarknessCrimson scarlet with old rose fragrance£8.50
Climbers / RamblersEtoile de HollandeCrimson red flowers with old rose fragrance£8.50
Climbers / RamblersGolden ShowersLarge golden yellow double blooms, sweet fragrance, repeat flowering£8.50
Climbers / RamblersGuineeDeep maroon red, highly scented£8.50
Climbers / RamblersIcebergSemi-double, white, honey scented popular climber£8.50
Climbers / RamblersMaigoldCoppery yellow, semi double, perfumed£8.50
Climbers / RamblersNew DawnClusters of sweetly scented silvery pink flowers£8.50
Climbers / RamblersScent from HeavenRepeat flowers apricot-orange blooms with strong scent£8.50
Climbers / RamblersSchoolgirlDouble apricot, repeat flowering£8.50
Climbers / RamblersZephirine DrouhinClusters of scented, deep pink flowers on thornless stems£8.50
Shrub / Ground CoverBoule de NeigeCamellia-like white flowers. Rich fragrance£8.50
Shrub / Ground CoverBuff BeautySemi-double apricot-yellow blooms with a strong Tea fragrance£8.50
Shrub / Ground CoverCardinal RichelieuVelvety purple flowers. Richly scented, almost thornless£8.50
Shrub / Ground CoverJacques CartierBeautiful, large, rosette-shaped, rich pink flowers with a very strong fragrance. 4 ft. x 3 ft£8.50
Shrub / Ground CoverOthelloDark crimson red ageing to purple. Huge ruffle petalled blooms£8.50
Shrub / Ground CoverLouise OdierRichly fragrant flowers of a lovely bright pink, shaded lilac£8.50
Shrub / Ground CoverRoseraie de l'HayeLarge, very fragrant magenta blooms£8.50
Hybrid TeaA Whiter Shade of PalePerfecly formed, blush pink. Strong fragrance.£8.50
Hybrid TeaBlue MoonFragrant blooms of lilac/mauve.£8.50
Hybrid TeaDutch GoldWell formed blooms of unfading golden-yellow. Very fragrant.£8.50
Hybrid TeaFragrant CloudLarge, coral-scarlet flowers with smokey overtones. Very fragrant.£8.50
Hybrid TeaJust JoeyCoppery orange, fragrant£8.50
Hybrid TeaLoving MemoryHuge high centred fragrant blooms of crimson-scarlet.£8.50
Hybrid TeaMum in a MillionLarge, highly fragrant, mid-pink flowers. Repeat£8.50
Hybrid TeaNostalgiaLarge, double cream blooms edged with striking sherry-red.£8.50
Hybrid TeaPaul ShirvilleSalmon-peach, bright and shapely. Free flowering. Scentedstrongly fragrant, double, high-centred, rose-pink to salmon flowersstrongly fragrant, double, high-centred, rose-pink to salmon flowers£8.50
Hybrid TeaPolar StarFull blooms of pure white. Repeat flowering£8.50
Hybrid TeaRachelPink and peach with lovely perfume£8.50
Hybrid TeaRoyal WilliamBeautifully formed deep velvety-red flowers. Scented£8.50
Hybrid TeaSimply the BestBurnt orange flowers, fragrant£8.50
Hybrid TeaSilver WeddingFull, shapely flowers of white to creamy-white.£8.50
Hybrid TeaSpecial AnniversaryRich magenta pink colour with a very powerful fragrance£8.50
Hybrid TeaThinking of YouBlood red and deep crimson velvety petals. Fruity fragrance£8.50
Hybrid TeaWhisky MacRich gold and amber flowers, strongly scented£8.50
Hybrid TeaYou are my SunshineGiant hearted golden yellow with large flawless blooms£8.50
Hybrid TeaAbsolutely FabulousGorgeous scented butter yellow double flowers£8.50
FloribundaBirthday GirlCream edged carmine pink blooms£8.50
FloribundaCrazy for YouSingle blooms with splashes and stripes of red over light red and cream background.£8.50
FloribundaElizabeth of GlamisStrongly fragrant, fully double, deep salmon flowers£8.50
FloribundaGlad TidingsMasses of large semi-double deep crimson flowers£8.50
FloribundaHot ChocolateVelvety, chocolate brown medium sized flowers with nice scent£8.50
FloribundaIcebergSweetly scented double white flowers. 4'-5'£8.50
FloribundaL'aimantFree flowering, double pink. Very fragrant.£8.50
FloribundaLilli MarleneBlack buds open into velvety dark red blooms.£8.50
FloribundaRemembranceBrilliant orange-red flowers with a delicate, light scent£8.50
FloribundaRuby CelebrationHuge trusses of deep crimson buds open into deep crimson flowers£8.50
FloribundaSouthamptonTall, apricot orange blooms£8.50
FloribundaTickled PinkLilac pink slightly lobed flowers. Young foliage purple£8.50
FloribundaWell BeingExotic, fruity fragrance. Pale orangey-pink£8.50