Soft Fruit

Catalogue of Soft Fruit (scrollable)
BLACKBERRYOregon ThornlessHeavy crop of juicy black fruits£9.50
BLACKCURRANTBen ConnanLarge, glossy black fruits with superb flavour. Early£4.90
BLACKCURRANTBen LomondCompact variety with lovely flavour£4.90
BLACKCURRANTBen SarekNew, compact variety. Tasty fruit on a small bush.£4.90
BLUEBERRYPlant 2 different varieties to ensure cross-pollination. Requires acid soil.
BLUEBERRYJerseyLate season variety.£12.50
BLUEBERRYPatriotEarly season£12.50
BLUEBERRYGroverAn excellent new variety with large fruits. August crop£12.50
BOYSENBERRYTasty unusual berry£9.90
GOOSEBERRYSelf pollinating£5.90
GOOSEBERRYCarelessHeavy crop of greenish-white fruit. Grows anywhere. Good flavour£5.90
GOOSEBERRYInvictaMid-season, fruiting slightly earlier than 'Careless'.£5.90
LOGANBERRYThornlessRaspberry/Blackberry hybrid£9.90
RASPBERRY(Approx 3 canes per pot)£4.90
RASPBERRYGlen ClovaEarly variety£4.90
RASPBERRYMalling JewelPopular mid variety. Good disease resistance and excellent flavour. Early£4.90
RASPBERRYAutumn BlissMost popular late fruiting variety. Prune hard in winter£4.90
REDCURRANTJonkeer Van TetsLuscious red fruits£4.90
RHUBARBTimperley EarlyLong stems of excellent colour£5.50
STRAWBERRY£1.45 each / 10 for £13.00£1.45
STRAWBERRYFlorenceLate season variety.£1.45
STRAWBERRYEl SantaGood yields of firm glossy fruit with excellent flavour£1.45
STRAWBERRYLucyShiny heart-shaped sweet berries£1.45
WHITECURRANTWhite VersaillesSelf-fertile, heavy-cropping, deciduous white currant. A very reliable cropper£4.90