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Summer Bedding & Vegetable Plants 2021

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Summer Bedding & Vegetable Plants 2021

12cm pot @ £3.95 each

12cm pot @ £3.95 each  
Argyranthemum Frutescens
Dahlia Happy Days Cherry
Pink (dark leaf)
Ivy Leaf Geranium (trailing) Bright Red
Burgundy Red
Bright Lilac
Light Pink
Burgundy Blaze Bicolour
Geranium Calliope Dark Red
Americana White Splash
Geranium zonal Designer Dark Red
Designer Orange
Designer Light Salmon
Designer Hot Pink
Designer White
Gerbera Revolution Mix
Osteospermum White
Deep Purple

9cm pot  @ £2.50 each

9cm pot  @ £2.50 each  
Bacopa (Sutera) Lilac
Begonia Non Stop (upright) Orange
Rose Pink
Begonia Trailing Apricot
Brachyscombe Mauve Delight
Diascia Apple Blossom
Felicia Variegata
Fuschia Multa
Pink Galore
Dark eyes
Pink Marshmallow
Pink Ballet Girl
Fuschia Upright General Monk Red/Blue
Dollar Princess
Paula Jane
Geranium trailing Red
Helichrysum Golden
Silver petiolare Blue/Green
Impatiens New Guinea White
  Light Pink
Dark Red
Lobelia erinus Trailing blue
Trailing white
Lysimachia Goldii (foliage)
Nepeta (Glechoma) Variegated
Petunia Million Bells (Callie) Red
Petunia Surfinia Double Violet Vein
Cobalt Blue
White Vein
Blue Vein
Rose Vein
Baby Red
Scaevola Trailing blue
Trailing white
Sanvitalia Trailing golden yellow
Sweet Peas Mixed
Verbena (trailing) White
Candy Cane
Cyclops Purple
Deep Red
Sky Blue
Lanai Pink

Tray Bedding (9 cell)

Tray Bedding (9 cell) @ 2.95 each
Ageratum Blue
Antirrhinum Mixed
Allysum White
Cineraria Silver Dust
Cosmos Casanova Red
Mixed – SOLD OUT
Dahlia Mixed
Dianthus Mixed
Lobelia upright Crystal Palace
Cambridge Blue
Lobelia trailing Mixed
Marigold (French) Safari mix
Nicotiana Saratoga Mixed
Salvia splendens Sentry Red
Verbena Obsession mixed

Tray Bedding (6 cell)

Tray Bedding (6 cell) £2.95 except marked * @ £3.95
Begonia Semperflorens Green Leaf Mix
Bronze Leaf Mix
Complete Mix
Begonia non stop* Mix
Coleus Mix
Dianthus Mix
Gazania Mix
Geranium upright* Mix
Beacon Mix (Dark Leaf)
Impatiens Mix
Marigold (African) Antique Orange
Antique Yellow
Mesembryanthemum Mix
Nemesia Mix
Petunia Mix
Picobello Mix


9cm pot @ £1.75

9cm pot @ £1.75
Tomato    Golden Crown
Gardeners Delight
Capsicum (available May) Beauty Bell
Scotch Bonnet
Courgette Goldy
Nero di Milano
Cucumber Passandra
Burpless Tasty
Marrow Tiger Cross F1
Squash Butternut Hunter

Tray @ £2.45

Tray @ £2.45 (x9)
Broad Beans
Runner Beans
Dwarf french beans


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Prices are a guide and may vary on condition of plant and quantity required.


Catalogue of conifers (scrollable)
NameVarietyDescriptionPOT (Ltrs)PRICE £
CedrusAtlantica GlaucaBlue Atlas Cedar3£14.50
CedrusAtlantica GlaucaBlue Atlas Cedar10£29.50
CedrusDeodaraHimalayan Cedar. Elegant, large tree with slightly drooping branches.3£9.50
CedrusDeodaraHimalayan Cedar. Elegant, large tree with slightly drooping branches.10£19.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaAlbo SpicaSlow growing from with white tips3£6.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaAllumiiErect sprays of grey/green foliage.3£6.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaBlue GownSoft blue foliage3£6.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaBroomhill GoldFlame shaped tree3£6.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaBroomhill GoldFlame shaped tree10£17.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaChilworth SilverDwarf/slow growing. Dense soft sprays of silvery blue2£6.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaColumnaris GlaucaColumnar form with blue/grey foliage.3£6.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaColumnaris GlaucaColumnar form with blue/grey foliage.10£17.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaEllwoodiiSlow growing columnar bush.3£6.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaEllwoodiiSlow growing columnar bush.10£17.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaEllwood's GoldDwarf/slow growing.2£6.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaEllwood's GoldDwarf/slow growing.7.5£17.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaEllwood's WhiteSpeckled with irregular creamy-white patches2£6.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaFletcheriiDense compact column, bluish-green feathery foliage.3£6.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaGold KingGolden yellow, broad-based cone3£6.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaGold KingGolden yellow, broad-based cone10£17.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaGreen PillarUpright conical tree, bright green foliage3£6.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaGreen PillarUpright conical tree, bright green foliage10£17.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaLemon PillarNeat narrow flame shape, subtle green/yellow foliage3£6.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaLemon PillarNeat narrow flame shape, subtle green/yellow foliage10£17.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaMinima AureaDense growing dwarf, bright yellow, rounded habit2£6.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaMinima AureaDense growing dwarf, bright yellow, rounded habit10£17.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaPembury BlueConical tree with sprays of silvery-blue foliage3£6.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaPembury BlueConical tree with sprays of silvery-blue foliage10£17.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaPot of GoldSoft feathery sprays of golden foliage3£6.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaPot of GoldSoft feathery sprays of golden foliage10£17.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaPotteniiColumnar tree, soft feathery foliage3£6.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaPotteniiColumnar tree, soft feathery foliage10£17.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaStardustYellow foliage with bronze tips3£6.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaStewartiiElegant conical habit. Large flattened sprays of golden yellow foliage3£6.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaSummer SnowSmall shrub with bushy habit. Conspicuous white young growth2£6.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaWisseliiStout upright branchlets. Distinctive fast growing tree3£6.50
Chamaecyparis LawsonianaWinston ChurchillBroadly columnar tree with rich golden yellow foliage3£6.50
Chamaecyparis ObtusaNana AureaDwarf conifer with golden twisted foliage2£6.50
Chamaecyparis ObtusaNana AureaDwarf conifer with golden twisted foliage7.5£17.50
Chamaecyparis ObtusaNana GracilisConical bush with twisted green foliage2£6.50
Chamaecyparis ObtusaNana GracilisConical bush with twisted green foliage7.5£17.50
Chamaecyparis PisiferaBoulevardDense conical bush with steel blue foliage2£6.50
Chamaecyparis PisiferaBoulevardDense conical bush with steel blue foliage10£17.50
Chamaecyparis PisiferaFilifera AureaLong, drooping, whip-like branchlets of golden yellow foliage3£6.50
Chamaecyparis PisiferaFilifera AureaLong, drooping, whip-like branchlets of golden yellow foliage10£17.50
Chamaecyparis PisiferaNana VariegataDwarf bush, foliage flecked creamy white2£6.50
Cryptomaria JaponicaElegansTall bushy habit. Soft fleshy foliage turns bronze in winter.3£6.50
Cryptomaria JaponicaElegansTall bushy habit. Soft fleshy foliage turns bronze in winter.10£17.50
Cryptomaria JaponicaElegans AureaSlower growing with yellow-green foliage3£6.50
CryptomariaVilmorinianaVery slow growing forming a dense rigid globe2£6.50
CryptomariaVilmorinianaVery slow growing forming a dense rigid globe7.5£17.50
CupressocyparisLeylandiiVigorous hedging conifer3£5.90
CupressocyparisLeylandiiVigorous hedging conifer10£19.50
Ginkgo BilobaMaidenhair treeLarge deciduous tree with fan shaped leaves turning clear yellow in autumn3£12.50
Juniperus ChinensisStrictaCompact, conical habit, grey-green prickly foliage3£6.50
Juniperus ChinensisStricta VariegataScattered sprays of white variegation3£6.50
Juniperus HorizontalisPlumosa CompactaProstrate, slow growing. Purple tinged in winter3£6.50
Juniperus HorizontalisPlumosa CompactaProstrate, slow growing. Purple tinged in winter7.5£17.50
Juniperus x mediaBlue and GoldSpreading shrub. Blue-grey foliage flecked creamy-yellow3£6.50
Juniperus x mediaBlue and GoldSpreading shrub. Blue-grey foliage flecked creamy-yellow10£17.50
Juniperus x mediaOld GoldGreen/gold dense low bush3£6.50
Juniperus x mediaOld GoldGreen/gold dense low bush10£17.50
Juniperus x mediaSulphur SprayProstrate, sulphur-yellow foliage3£6.50
Juniperus x mediaSulphur SprayProstrate, sulphur-yellow foliage10£17.50
Juniperus SquamataBlue CarpetStartling bright steel blue ground cover3£6.50
Juniperus SquamataBlue CarpetStartling bright steel blue ground cover10£17.50
Juniperus SquamataBlue StarDense bright blue, rounded form3£6.50
Juniperus SquamataBlue StarDense bright blue, rounded form10£17.50
Juniperus VirginianaGrey OwlSpreading stringy grey-blue foliage3£6.50
Picea AbiesNidiformisDwarf, dense flat topped bush2£6.50
Picea AbiesNidiformisDwarf, dense flat topped bush7.5£17.50
Picea GlaucaAlbertiana ConicaCone shaped slow growing bush of dense, compact habit2£6.50
Picea GlaucaAlbertiana ConicaCone shaped slow growing bush of dense, compact habit7.5£17.50
Picea MarianaNanaMound-forming dwarf2£6.50
PinusSylvestrisScots Pine10£17.50
PinusMugo MugusLow growing dwarf pine3£6.50
Taxus BaccataEnglish Yew. Dark glossy foliage. Good hedging plant3£6.50
Taxus BaccataEnglish Yew. Dark glossy foliage. Good hedging plant10£17.50
Taxus BaccataElegantissimaGolden yellow young shoots10£19.50
Taxus BaccataFastigiataIrish Yew. Dark green compact column3£6.50
Taxus BaccataFastigiataIrish Yew. Dark green compact column10£19.50
Taxus BaccataFastigiata AureaGolden Irish Yew2£6.50
Taxus BaccataFastigiata AureaGolden Irish Yew7.5£19.50
Thuja OccidentalisDanicaDwarf bush of dense, compact globular habit2£6.50
Thuja OccidentalisDanicaDwarf bush of dense, compact globular habit7.5£17.50
Thuja OccidentalisHolmstrupSlow growing narrowly conical shrub, bronze in winter3£6.50
Thuja OccidentalisHolmstrupSlow growing narrowly conical shrub, bronze in winter10£17.50
Thuja OccidentalisLutescensCompact conical habit, pale yellow foliage3£6.50
Thuja OccidentalisLutescensCompact conical habit, pale yellow foliage10£17.50
Thuja OccidentalisRheingoldLow growing bun shape, rich deep gold foliage10£17.50
Thuja OccidentalisSunkistBroadly conical golden yellow foliage3£6.50
Thuja OrientalisAurea NanaDwarf globular dense bush, light yellow-green foliage2£6.50
Thuja PlicataAtrovirensWestern Red Cedar. Superb hedger3£5.90
Thuja PlicataAtrovirensWestern Red Cedar. Superb hedger10£17.50
Thuja PlicataRogersii NanaConical dwarf bush, dense yellowy bronze foliage2£6.50
Thuja PlicataRogersii NanaConical dwarf bush, dense yellowy bronze foliage7.5£17.50
Thuja PlicataZebrinaConical tree, green foliage banded with creamy yellow. Good hedger.3£5.90
Thuja PlicataZebrinaConical tree, green foliage banded with creamy yellow. Good hedger.10£17.50

Ferns & Grasses

Scrollable catalogue of Ferns and Grasses - grown in 2L pots
FERNSAthyriumNipponicum PictumSyn 'Metallicum'. Japanese painted fern
FERNSAthyriumFelix FeminaLady Fern' delicate, bright green filigree leaves
FERNSBlechnumSpicantElegant evergreen fern
FERNSDryopterisAffinisShuttlecock Fern
FERNSMatteuciaStruthiopterisGolden Male Fern
FERNSOsmundaRegalisHuge, bright green fronds turn bronze in autumn
FERNSPolypodiumVulgareEvergreen, leathery dark green fronds
GRASSESAcorusGramineus VariegatusExcellent for margins of pools or bog garden
GRASSESBrizaMediaQuaking grass. Delicate purplish-green flower spikes Spring/Summer
GRASSESCarexEvergoldStriped yellow evergreen
GRASSESCarexBuchananiiTufted evergreen foliage of narrow, copper-bronze leaves
GRASSESCarexVariegataSemi evergreen, bright green broad leaves edged cream
GRASSESFestucaGlaucaBlue fescue
GRASSESImperataCylindrica 'Rubra''Blood Grass'
GRASSESLeymusArenarius 'Blue Danube'Blue-grey grass with ribbon-like foliage
GRASSESLiriopeMuscariLilac-purple flowers above arching evergreen leaves
GRASSESMiscanthusZebrinusClump-forming perennial grass. Yellowish-white markings
GRASSESMiscanthusPurpureusChinese Silver Grass.
GRASSESMoliniaCaerulea VariegataGreen and creamy white striped leaf blades
GRASSESPhalarisVariegataWhite striped grass suffused with pale pink
GRASSESSISYRINCHIUMStriatumIris-like foliage, clusters of pale yellow flowers
GRASSESUnciniaRubraEvergreen, with glossy reddish-green leaves and dark-brown flower spikes in summer.

Soft Fruit

Catalogue of Soft Fruit (scrollable)
BLACKBERRYOregon ThornlessHeavy crop of juicy black fruits£9.50
BLACKCURRANTBen ConnanLarge, glossy black fruits with superb flavour. Early£4.90
BLACKCURRANTBen LomondCompact variety with lovely flavour£4.90
BLACKCURRANTBen SarekNew, compact variety. Tasty fruit on a small bush.£4.90
BLUEBERRYPlant 2 different varieties to ensure cross-pollination. Requires acid soil.
BLUEBERRYJerseyLate season variety.£12.50
BLUEBERRYPatriotEarly season£12.50
BLUEBERRYGroverAn excellent new variety with large fruits. August crop£12.50
BOYSENBERRYTasty unusual berry£9.90
GOOSEBERRYSelf pollinating£5.90
GOOSEBERRYCarelessHeavy crop of greenish-white fruit. Grows anywhere. Good flavour£5.90
GOOSEBERRYInvictaMid-season, fruiting slightly earlier than 'Careless'.£5.90
LOGANBERRYThornlessRaspberry/Blackberry hybrid£9.90
RASPBERRY(Approx 3 canes per pot)£4.90
RASPBERRYGlen ClovaEarly variety£4.90
RASPBERRYMalling JewelPopular mid variety. Good disease resistance and excellent flavour. Early£4.90
RASPBERRYAutumn BlissMost popular late fruiting variety. Prune hard in winter£4.90
REDCURRANTJonkeer Van TetsLuscious red fruits£4.90
RHUBARBTimperley EarlyLong stems of excellent colour£5.50
STRAWBERRY£1.45 each / 10 for £13.00£1.45
STRAWBERRYFlorenceLate season variety.£1.45
STRAWBERRYEl SantaGood yields of firm glossy fruit with excellent flavour£1.45
STRAWBERRYLucyShiny heart-shaped sweet berries£1.45
WHITECURRANTWhite VersaillesSelf-fertile, heavy-cropping, deciduous white currant. A very reliable cropper£4.90


Catalogue of perennials all in 2 ltr pots (scrollable)

AchilleaLilac Beauty
AchilleaSalmon Beauty
AgapanthusNavy Blue
AgapanthusUmbellatus alba
AjugaBurgundy Glow
AnemoneHonorine Jobert
AnemoneQueen Charlotte
AnemonePrinz Heinrich
ArtemesiaPowys Castle
AruncusDioicus Kneifii
Aster Nova BelgiiAlice Haslam
AstilbeEuropa (Pale Pink)
AstilbeFanal (crimson red)
AstilbeWashington (White)
AubretiaKitte Blue
BergeniaBressingham White
CampanulaGlomerata Superba
CampanulaLoddon Anna
CentranthusRubra Alba
ChrysanthemumUrsula Pink
ChrysanthemumUrsula Orange
ChrysanthemumUrsula Yellow
CrocosmiaEmily Mckenzie
DelphiniumBlack Knight
DicentraSpectabilis Alba
DicentraFormosa Aurora (white flower)
DigitalisFoxy Hybrids
EchinaceaWhite Swan
EpimediumVersicolor 'Sulphureum'
EryngiumPlanum 'Blue Hobbit'
EuphorbiaAscot Rainbow
EuphorbiaBlue Wonder
EuphorbiaFens Ruby (syn. Clarice Howard)
EuphorbiaAmygdalooides Purpurea
EuphorbiaMini Martini
GauraGeyser Pink
GeraniumAnne Folkard
GeraniumCatherine de Neuve
GeraniumJohnsons blue
GeraniumMax Frei
GeraniumSanguineum Album
GeraniumWargrave Pink
GeraniumWhite Ness
GeumLady Stratheden
GeumMrs Bradshaw
HelianthemumBen Fhada
HelianthemumWisley Pink
HelianthemumWisley Primrose
HelleborusNiger (White) Christmas Rose
HemerocallisJoan Senior (white)
HemerocallisStella d'Ora
HemerocallisPink Damask
HeucheraGreen Spice
HeucheraSilver Scrolls
HeucheraChocolate Ruffles
HeucheraPalace Purple
HostaSum & Substance
HostaSieboldiana Elegans
HostaBlue Mouse Ears
HostaWide Brim
IrisButter & Sugar
IrisSiberica Persimmon (syn. Tycoon)
IrisSiberica Valda
KniphofiaBee's Lemon
KniphofiaFire Dance
KniphofiaTetbury Torch
KniphofiaNancy's Red
LavendulaStoechas - French
LeucanthemumBridal Bouquet
LeucanthemumSilver Princess
LiriopeMuscari 'Moneymaker'
LiriopeMuscari 'Big Blue'
MonardaPrairie Night
NepetaSix Hills Giant
NepetaWalker's Low
PenstemonHeavenly Blue
PenstemonMargarita Bop (Violet Blue)
PhloxDouglasii Crackerjack
PhloxDouglasii White Admiral
PhloxDouglasii Ice Mountain
PhloxSubulata Amazing Grace
PhloxSubulata Candy Stripes
PhloxSubulata Purple Beauty
PhloxSubulata Scarlet Flame
PhloxSubulata McDaniel's Cushion
PhloxPaniculata Purple Bicolor
PhloxPaniculata Bright Eyes
PhloxPaniculata Sweet Summer Red
PhygeliusSalmon Queen
PhygeliusDevil's Tears
PhysalisFranchetii Dwarf
PolymoniumSky Blue
PrimulaDenticulata Pink
PrimulaDenticulata White
PrimulaSilver Lace
PrimulaVeris (cowslip)
PulmonariaBlue Ensign
PulmonariaSissinghurst White
SalviaNemerossa Caradonna
SalviaHot Lips
SalviaChristine Yeo
ScabiosaCaucasica Blue Butterflies
ScabiosaPerfecta Alba
ScabiosaPerfecta Blue
SedumAutumn Joy
StachysByzantina 'Big Ears'
StachysSilver Carpet
TeucriumPink Tails
Teucriumx Lucidrys
TrolliusChinensis Golden Queen
VerbenaBonariensis Lollipop

Ornamental Trees

Scrollable catalogue of ornamental trees grown in 13.5 Litre, 10” pots. Varying in height according to variety.

NameVarietyDescriptionPrice from £
Acer'Crimson King'Large tree with deep crimson-purple leaves. Flowers deep yellow tinged red£39.50
Acer'Drumondii'Broad leaves with striking white marginal band£39.50
Acer'Leopoldii'Leaves open yellowish-pink, later green, speckled and splashed yellow and pink£39.50
AcerFlamingoStriking pink and white variegated leavesvarious
AcerSaccharinum'Sugar Maple'. Large, fast growing tree, good autumn colour£35.00
Aesculus x CarneaBriotii'Red Horse Chestnut' Compact form with deep coloured flowers. Slow growing£39.50
Aesculus x CarneaHippocastanum'Common Horse Chestnut'. Vigorous large tree£35.00
AilanthusAltissima'Tree of Heaven' Large tree with huge ash-like leaves£35.00
AlnusCordata'Italian Alder' Medium to large conical tree, bright green glistening foliage£35.00
BetulaPendula'Silver Birch' Tall tree with white peeling bark£35.00
Betula'Purpurea'Slow growing tree with purple leaves£39.50
Betula'Youngii'Beautiful dome shaped, small weeping tree. Ideal for small gardens.39.5
BetulaUtilis 'Jacquemontii'Coppery brown bark on youngwood peels to leave white bark£39.50
CastaneaSativa'Sweet Chestnut' Fast growing large specimen tree, yellowish green catkins£35.00
CatalpaBignoides'Indian Bean Tree' White flowers with yellow and purple markings£45.00
CercidiphyllumJaponicum'Katsura Tree' Small/medium tree, good autumn colour. Burnt sugar aroma £35.00
CotoneasterHybrida PendulaEvergreen or semi-evergreen. A lovely tree with weeping branches. Small white flowers and red autumn berries. 2m x 2m£39.50
CrataegusLaevigata GiroudiiUnusual variegated leaf.£39.50
CrataegusOxyacantha 'Pauls Scarlet'Double scarlet flowers, May. Small round-headed tree.39.5-
Crataegus'Albo Plena'Double white flowers, May£39.50
Crataegus'Rosea Plena'Pink flowers£39.50
FagusSylvatic PendulaSpectacular large weeping beech£49.00
FagusSylvatica Purpurea PendulaPurple weeping beech£49.00
Fraxinus'ash'Cannot Currently be Sold
FraxinusOxycarpa 'Raywood'Dense upright tree with plum-purple autumn colour
FraxinusExcelsior 'Jaspidea'Vigorous form with golden yellow shoots
GleditsiaTriacanthos 'Sunburst'Medium sized tree with bright yellow young foliage£39.50
JuglansNigra'Black Walnut' Fast-growing with deeply furrowed bark£35.00
JuglansRegiaCommon Walnut. Large and spreading, with a broad, round canopy and edible nuts in autumn. £35.00
LaburnumWatereri 'Vossii'Long racemes of profuse yellow flowers, summer£45.00
LaburnumAlpinum Pendulum_ standard£45.00
Malus'Crab Apple'
MalusEveresteSmall tree with large white flowers. Fruit flushed yellow, orange & red£39.50
MalusFloribundaSmall tree with long arching branches, crimson buds open to white/pale pink£39.50
Malus'Golden Hornet'Small tree with white flowers followed by large crop of bright yellow fruits£39.50
Malus'John Downie'White flowers, large bright orange and red fruits£39.50
Malus'Profusion'Profuse wine-red fragrant flowers, young leaves coppery crimson£39.50
Malus'red Jade'Small tree with weeping branches, white & pink flowers, red fruits£39.50
MalusRed SentinelMedium tree with white, strongly scented flowers and red berry sized fruit.£39.50
Malus'Tshonskii'Columnar. White flowers. Fantastic autumn colour£39.50
Parrotia Persica'Persian Ironwood'
Parrotia PersicaSmall, rounded tree with fine autumn colour, giving a display of crimson, purple, red and gold. It does well on most soils, including chalk.
Parrotia PersicaMature Height: 5-10mVarious
PopulusAlba'White poplar'£35.00
Populusx Candicans 'Aurora'Young leaves marbled white
PopulusNigra Italica'Lombardy Poplar' Very tall, tightly columnar and of uniform habit£35.00
Prunus'Flowering Cherries'
PrunusAccoladeSmall tree with semi-double, rich pink flowers in profuse pendulous clusters£39.50
PrunusAvium 'PlenaBranches wreathed with masses of drooping, double white flowers£39.50
PrunusAmanagowaSmall columnar tree with erect branches, dense clusters of fragrant, semi-double, shell-pink flowers£39.50
PrunusAutumnalisWhite flowers£39.50
PrunusAutumnalis RoseaSemi-double pink flowers, November - March£39.50
PrunusCerasifera NigraSmall tree, leaves and stems blackish purple, prolific pink flowers March-April£39.50
PrunusCheals Weeping£45.00
Prunussyn. Kiku-Shidare ZakuraSmall tree with drooping branches, deep pink double flowers, late spring.£45.00
PrunusKanzanMedium tree, large showy double purplish-pink flowers£39.50
PrunusPadus'Bird Cherry' Medium tree, small white almond-scented flowers in May£39.50
PrunusPink PerfectionClusters of frilly double flowers£39.50
PrunusSargentiiSingle pink flowers in March, beautiful orange & crimson autumn colour£39.50
PrunusShirotaeMount Fuji Cherry. Wide spreading. Fragrant white double flowers£39.50
PrunusSpireSlender, upright tree, columnar when young but fanning out slightly as it ages. Small, soft pink single flowers in April£39.50
Pyrus CalleryanaChanticleerNarrowly conical medium tree colouring well in autumn. White flowers.£39.50
Pyrus Salicifolia'Pendula''Weeping pear' Small weeping tree with attractive silver foliage£39.50
QuercusRoburEnglish Oak£35.00
QuercusRubraRed oak, leaves dark brown at end of season£35.00
QuercusCerrisTurkey Oak£35.00
RhusTyphina'Stag's Horn Sumach'. Large pinnate leaves give rich autumn colours. Dense conical clusters of crimson, hairy fruits£26.50
Robinia'False Acacia' to Order Only
SalixAlba 'Tristes'Weeping willow, large tree with golden tipped foliage £35.00
SalixCaprea 'Pendula'Small umbrella like tree with stiffly pendulous branches. Silvery catkins studded with golden antlers in winter£24.50
SalixIntegra Hakuro NishikiTop-worked variegated leaves, tinged pink.£24.50
SorbusAria 'Lutescens''Whitebeam' silvery leaves, outstanding in spring£39.50
SorbusAucuparia'Mountain Ash' bright red fruits in large dense clusters during autumn£35.00
SorbusCashmirianaSmall tree with large white fruits, flowers tinged pink£39.50
SorbusDecoraDense clusters of orange berries turning to red£35.00
Sorbus'Joseph Rock'Outstanding small tree with beautiful autumn shades, clusters of yellow fruits£39.50
SorbusDiscolorCompact broadly, conical tree. Leaves turn yellow-red-purple in autumn. Bears white flowers in late spring followed by orange-red berries. £39.50
SorbusVilmoriniiSmall tree with lovely autumn tints, clusters of rose-red fruit turning to white£39.50
TiliaCordataSmall leaved lime with ivory coloured, scented flowers£39.50


ROSES ~ £8.50 each (four for £30)

Rose catalogue (scrollable)
Miniature / PatioIdeal for pots
Miniature / PatioBirthday WishesClusters of scented red flowers in summer and autumn
Miniature / PatioMothers DayFully double crimson-red blooms
Miniature / PatioPearl AnniversaryClusters of pearly pink, subtly scented, semi-double flowers
Climbers / RamblersAlberic BarbierFragrant, double, flat, creamy white blooms.
Climbers / RamblersCreme de la cremeSoft creamy white with good fragrance
Climbers / RamblersDizzy HeightsLarge fragrant bright red flowers
Climbers / RamblersExcelsaDeep magenta double flowers. Rambler
Climbers / RamblersGardeners GloryHeavenly scented, beautiful yellow flowers
Climbers / RamblersGolden ShowersLarge golden yellow double blooms, sweet fragrance, repeat flowering
Climbers / RamblersGuineeRich dark crimson with deep fragrance.
Climbers / RamblersIcebergSemi-double, white, honey scented popular climber
Climbers / RamblersLeaping SalmonSalmon pink blooms with a wonderful perfume.
Climbers / RamblersNew DawnClusters of sweetly scented silvery pink flowers
Climbers / RamblersPenny LaneFragrant, double flesh-pink flowers tinged with apricot-yellow
Climbers / RamblersZephirine DrouhinClusters of scented, deep pink flowers on thornless stems
Shrub / Ground CoverBoule de NeigeCamellia-like white flowers. Rich fragrance
Shrub / Ground CoverBuff BeautyWarm apricot blooms with rose tea fragrance.
Shrub / Ground CoverJacques CartierClear mid pink. Strong fragrance
Shrub / Ground CoverOthelloHighly fragrant, fully double, dusky crimson-red flowers
Shrub / Ground CoverSarah van FleetSemi double flowers of clear mallow-pink.
Hybrid TeaA Whiter Shade of PalePerfecly formed, blush pink. Strong fragrance.
Hybrid TeaAlec's RedCherry red, repeat flowering
Hybrid TeaAlpine SunsetBlooms peachy flushed pink.
Hybrid TeaDutch GoldWell formed blooms of unfading golden-yellow. Very fragrant.
Hybrid TeaFragrant CloudPowerfully perfumed, bright coral red flowers.
Hybrid TeaIndian SummerDouble fragrant apricot-orange flowers
Hybrid TeaLoving MemoryLarge, double shapely blooms of crimson/scarlet
Hybrid TeaMary BerryDouble white blooms, strong fragrance
Hybrid TeaMum in a MillionLarge, highly fragrant mid pink flowers.
Hybrid TeaScentsationBeautifully formed blooms of cream and pink.
Hybrid TeaSilver AnniversaryPure white with a sweet scent
Hybrid TeaWhisky MacRich gold and amber flowers, strongly scented
FloribundaAbsolutely FabulousScented butter yellow double flowers
FloribundaBirthday GirlCream edged carmine pink blooms
FloribundaBlue for YouSemi-double purple-mauve flowers with paler reverse
FloribundaChinatownCreamy yellow scented blooms
FloribundaFragrant DelightTrusses of large pink blooms with coppery orange undertones
FloribundaGlad TidingsMasses of large semi-double deep crimson flowers
FloribundaIcebergSweetly scented double white flowers. 4'-5'
FloribundaMargaret MerrilWhite shapely flowers, repeat flowering, very fragrant
FloribundaQueen ElizabethLarge silver-pink flowers with tea rose scent
FloribundaSouthamptonTall, apricot orange blooms
FloribundaTickled PinkLilac pink slightly lobed flowers. Young foliage purple
FloribundaTrumpeterBright vermillion red. Repeat flowering


If planted in an urban area, a pollinating partner is not generally necessary

Pollinating group in brackets.

Apples will pollinate with same group and one above/one below

Catalogue of fruit trees (scrollable)
TypeNameDescriptionPrice £
APPLESBeauty of BathSweet juicy apple with an acid tang.£29.50
APPLESBramley Seedling (3)Finest of all cooking apples. Large orchard tree.£29.50
APPLESCox's Orange Pippin (3)Firm, juicy flesh, superb flavour. Very popular variety. £29.50
APPLESEgremont Russet (2)Good, regular crops of apples. Characteristic nutty flavour. Oct£29.50
APPLESGolden Delicious (4)Even shaped fruit with clear yellow skin. Juicy sweet dessert apple. Oct£29.50
APPLESGranny Smith (3)Crisp, hard apple with very sharp taste£29.50
APPLESGrenadier (3)Tasty cooking apple. Heavy, regular crops can be used from August to September£29.50
APPLESJames Grieve (3)Regular, reliable cropper. Rich, juicy flavour. £29.50
APPLESLaxtons SuperbPopular English, late season dessert apple.£29.50
APPLESWorcester Pearmain (3)Reliable crop of delicious orange-red fruit. Good in all soils. Large tree.£29.50
PEARSAll pears are in pollinating groups 2 or 3 and therefore pollinators for each other
PEARSBeurre HardyReliable cropper, rose-tinted flesh with delicate perfume.£29.50
PEARSConferenceSelf-fertile. Valuable pollinator, regular cropper. Versatile popular variety£29.50
PEARSDoyenne du ComiceNeeds warm position, rich soil and plenty moisture. Outstanding variety with sweet juicy flesh. £29.50
PEARSWilliamsBest all round pear. Strong compact tree. Very juicy, sweet, good cropper. £29.50
PLUM/DAMSONCzarPurple skinned plum with tangy yellow flesh. Good for cooking and eating. Early Aug.£34.50
PLUM/DAMSONMerryweather DamsonProlific, hardy cooking damson. Large fruit. Late Aug.£34.50
PLUM/DAMSONOld GreengagePale yellow-green fruit with soft, sweet flesh late summer. S/F£34.50
PLUM/DAMSONVictoriaVigorous, self-fertile, most widely-grown plum. Crops well in heavy clay. Late Aug/early sept.£34.50
PLUM/DAMSONOuillins GageVery sweet, fairly large yellow gage. S/F£34.50
CHERRYMorelloSelf-fertile. Beautiful ornamental cooking cherry with good autumn colour.£34.50
CHERRYStellaLarge dark red, sweet and juicy. Self-fertile. £34.50
MEDLAR (Mespilus Germanica)WesterveldEdible brown fruits useful for preserves and desserts.£34.50
QUINCE (Cydonia Oblonga)ChampionSelf-fertile. Large pale green-yellow fruits. Grows well in moist, heavy soil. Needs sunny position to ripen.£34.50
GRAPEBoskoop GloryBlack Grape. Good dual purpose outdoor variety£12.50
GRAPEEarly Van der LaanWhite fruity grape.£12.50
FIGBrown TurkeyBest all round fig, bearing large purple-brown fruits with sugary rich red flesh. Hardy.£12.90
COBNUTCosfordSelf-fertile good pollinator, produces sweet nuts with a thin shell, reliable.£23.50
COBNUTKentish Cob (syn ‘Lambert’s Filbert’): Self-fertile, good flavour and fine textured nut. Hardy and reliable.£23.50


Catalogue of shrubs (scrollable)

NameVarietyDescriptionPOT (Ltrs) 
Abeliax GrandifloraSemi-evergreen, medium shrub, pink & white flowers, July-Oct 3
Abelia'Francis Mason'Semi-evergreen, golden yellow leaves, fragrant pink-tinted flowers3
Abelia'Edward Goucher'Small semi-evergreen shrub, profuse lilac-pink flowers, late summer3
AcaciaDealbata'Silver Wattle'. Fern-like, silvery green leaves, fragrant flowers (E)3
AcaciaDealbata'Silver Wattle'. Fern-like, silvery green leaves, fragrant flowers (E)10
Acer Davidii'Serpentine'Small tree with attractive green & white bark. Rich autumn colour10
Acer Palmatum'Atropurpureum'Leaves bronzy-crimson through summer, brilliant red in autumn3
Acer Palmatum'Bloodgood'Japanese maple with very dark purplish red foliage3
Acer Palmatum'Dissectum'Small shrub with delicate feathery foliage10
Acer Palmatum'Dissectum Garnet'Very finely cut leaves of deep reddish brown, small shrub10
Acer Palmatum'Osakazuki'Green foliage turning to fiery scarlet in autumn7.5
Amelanchier'Canadensis''June Berry', Snowy Mespilus'; abundant racemes of white flowers3
ArbutusUnedo'Killarney Strawberry Tree', large shrub/small tree, white flowers, 3
ArbutusUnedo'Killarney Strawberry Tree', large shrub/small tree, white flowers, 10
ArtemesiaPowis CastleAromatic small shrub, silver foliage, rounded habit2
Aucuba JaponicaCrotonifolia3
Aucuba Japonica'Variegata''Spotted Laurel'. Leaves speckled yellow, shade loving (E)3
Aucuba Japonica'Rozannie'Broad dark green toothed leaves, compact self pollinating, red berry3
Aucuba Japonica
Azalea Japonica(E)Varieties Vary According to Availability - Please Enquire4
BerberisBuxifolia 'Nana'2
Berberisx Fricartii ' Amstleveen'2
BerberisJulianaeDense, upright, fast growing evergreen. Good hedger
BerberisOttowensis 'Superba'Vigorous shrub with purple leaves, yellow flowers & red berries3
Berberisred JewelCompact, semi-evergreen. Bronze-red young foliage, yellow flower
Berberisred Rocket
BerberisStenophyllaArching branches wreathed with yellow flowers in autumn (E)3
BerberisStenophylla 'Crawley GemSmall, dense shrub, orange flower tipped red in bud (E)2
BerberisThunbergii 'Atropurpurea'Foliage rich, reddish-purple through spring and summer2
Berberis'Atropurpurea Nana'Dwarf form of above, bun-forming2
Berberis'Aurea'Leaves bright yellow becoming pale green by late summer
Berberis'BagatelleVery compact dwarf with red foliage2
Berberis'Helmond Pillar'Narrow upright, purple leaves3
Berberis'Orange Rocket'New cultivar. Upright columnar habit and orange foliage2
Berberis'red Chief'Small shrub with arching branches of wine-red foliage3
Berberis'Roseglow'Purple leaves with attractive pink mottling2
Buddleia'Butterfly Bush'
BuddleiaDavidii 'Black Knight'Fragrant long trusses of very dark purple flowers3
Buddleia'Nanho Blue'Pale blue flowers3
Buddleia'Pink Delight'Dusky grey/green foliage. True deep pink flowers. Compact habit3
Buddleia'Pixie White'Compact form with white flowers3
Buddleia'Royal red'Massive panicles of red/purple3
Buddleia'White Bouquet'Long panicles of scented white flowers3
BuddleiaBuzz IvoryCompact free-flowering, perfect for pots and smaller gardens3
BuddleiaBuzz MagentaMasses of fragrant, dense flower spikes. Perfect for pots3
BuddleiaGlobosa'Orange ball tree'
BuxusSempervirensCommon box (E)2
Buxus'Elegantissima'Slow grower, creamy-white margined leaves (E)2
BuxusLarger plants in open ground available Oct-April, root-balled
BuxusTopiary shapes also available: ball, cone, pyramid etc
CallicarpaBodinieri 'Profusion'Leaves bronze purple, pale pink flowers, bright blue berries36.505.9
CallistemonRigidusBushy, stiff stemmed bottlebrush3
CallistemonSplendens'Bottle brush', bright crimson stamens up to 4 cm long (E)37.506.5
CallistemonSplendens'Bottle brush', bright crimson stamens up to 4 cm long (E)10
Camellia (E)Varieties vary from year to year, but include:
Camellia (E)'Adolph Audusson'Large, semi-double, blood red flowers. Vigorous, compact growth3
Camellia (E)'Anticipation'Large, ruffled, peony, crimson flowers, late winter/early spring.3
Camellia (E)'Debbie'Clear pink, semi-double flowers from April3
Camellia (E)Ruby Wedding'Wine red double3
Camellia (E)Saturnia'Bright red semi-double3
Camellia (E)'Silver Jubilee'White flowers3
Camellia (E)
Caryopteris ClandonensisClandonensis
Caryopteris Clandonensis'Heavenly Blue'Bright blue flowers, August3
Caryopteris Clandonensis'Worcester Gold'Foliage yellow3
Caryopteris Clandonensis'Worcester Gold'Foliage yellow10
Ceanothus (E)'Californian Lilac'
Ceanothus (E)Autumnal BlueRich sky blue flowers summer and autumn3
Ceanothus (E)Italian SkiesDense clusters of small bright blue flowers3
Ceanothus (E)Puget's BlueMedium-sized, free-flowering shrub, recommended for clay soil3
Ceanothus (E)Thrysifolius RepensCreeping blue blossom, mound forming 3
Ceanothus (E)Yankee Point3
CeratostigmaGriffithiiBrilliant blue flowers in dense clusters late summer2
CeratostigmaPlumbaginoidesGround covering vivid blue flowers2
CercidiphyllumJaponicumSmall tree, purple leaves, yellow in autumn, sweet smelling3
CercisSiliquastrum'Judas Tree', lilac flowers, May. Purple seed pods, July onwards3
Chaenomeles'Ornamental Quince'
ChaenomelesCrimson & GoldDeep crimson petals, golden anthers3
ChaenomelesFire DanceFire-red, cup shaped flowers with yellow centres that bloom in early spring, followed by green-yellow fruit.3
ChaenomelesNivalisDark, erect shoots with pure white flowers3
ChaenomelesPink LadyClear rose pink, darker in bud, profuse and early. Spreading habit3
ChimonanthusPraecox'Winter Sweet' Medium shrub, yellow fragrant flowers, winter3
Choisya'Aztec Pearl'Small shrub, slender leaves, fragrant white flowers (E)3
ChoisyaTernata'Mexican orange blossom', white flowers, aromatic leaves (E)3
Choisya'Sundance'A striking form with young foliage bright yellow (E)3
ChoisyaWhite Dazzler'Compact evergreen, sweetly scented white flowers3
Cistus'sun Rose'
Cistus'Corbariensis'Crimson tinted buds open pure white (E)3
Cistus'Ladanifer'Large white flowers with chocolate basal stain (E)3
Cistusx Lusitanica 'Decumbens'Wide spreading form, white flowers with crimson base (E)3
CistusPulverulentis SunsetYellow centred, rose pink flowers3
CistusGrayswood PinkSmall, spreading with grey-green leaves. White-centred, pale-pink flowers in summer (E)3
ClerodendronBungeiLarge shrub, dark pink very fragrant flowers Aug/Sept3
ConvolvulusCneorumSmall shrub, silvery leaves, pale pink and white funnel-shaped flowers, May (E)2
CordylineAustralis'Cabbage Tree' Dense mass of long sword-line leaves. Small creamy fragrant flowers, early summer (E)3
CordylineAustralis'Cabbage Tree' Dense mass of long sword-line leaves. Small creamy fragrant flowers, early summer (E)10
Cordyline'red Star'Evergreen exotic looking shrub with striking burgundy foliage3
Cordyline'Torbay red'Slender red leaves. Ideal for tubs.
Cornus Alba'Elegantissima'Red dogwood, leaves margined and mottled white3
Cornus Alba'Kelsey's Dwarf'Neat rounded form2
Cornus Alba'Kesselringii'Dark purple-black stems and dark green leaves, with slight purple flush, which turn reddish-purple in autumn3
Cornus Alba'Spaethii'Red dogwood, yellow variegated leaves3
Cornus KousaLarge shrub, unusual yellow/white flower bracts, June3
CornusMas'Cornelian Cherry'. Small yellow flowers, February. Red fruits3
CornusMas'Cornelian Cherry'. Small yellow flowers, February. Red fruits10
Cornus SanguineaMidwinter FireRed-tipped, orange-yellow winter stems. White flowers June.
Cornus SibericaVariegataSlender red stems turn bright crimson. Variegated foliage.3
Cornus StoliniferaFlavirameaBright yellow/green winter shoots3
CorokiaVirgataGrey / purple foliage, small yellow flower (E)3
CorokiaVirgataGrey / purple foliage, small yellow flower (E)10
CorylusAvellana Contorta'Corkscrew hazel', branches twisted, yellow catkin in winter3
CorylusAvellana Contorta'Corkscrew hazel', branches twisted, yellow catkin in winter10
CorylusMaxima PurpureaLarge nuts in husk, vivid purple foliage3
CorylusMaxima PurpureaLarge nuts in husk, vivid purple foliage10
CotinusCoggyria 'Royal Purple'Purple leaved 'smoke tree'3
CotinusCoggyria 'Young Lady'Frothy pink blooms cover every inch of this plant in early summer3
CotinusCoggyria 'Flame'Leaves bright orange and red in autumn. Large feathery pink inflorescences.3
CotoneasterConspicuus 'Decorus'White flowers, red berries, dense upright habit (E)3
CotoneasterCoral BeautyGlossy leaves, orange berries, prostrate (E)3
CotoneasterDameriVery prostrate, long stems, red fruits (E)3
CotoneasterFranchettiFast growing, good hedger. Orange-red berries (E)3
CotoneasterHorizontalisCommon horizontal cotoneaster, red berries, autumn (E)3
CotoneasterHorizontalis 'VariegataSmaller, cream edged leaves suffused with red (E)2
CotoneasterSalicifolius 'Autumn Fire'Bright orange red fruits, semi-evergreen pendulous shrub 3
CytisusAlbusSummer flowering, white broom3
CytisusAllgoldSmall broom, arching sprays of bright yellow flowers, spring3
CytisusAllgoldSmall broom, arching sprays of bright yellow flowers, spring10
CytisusBoskoop RubyRuby-red, pea-like flowers, late spring, early summer3
CytisusGoldfinchRed and orange flowers, late spring, early summer3
DeutziaGracilisFragrant, star-shaped, white flowers from spring to early summer3
DeutziaHybrida ' Mont Rose'Star shaped purple-pink flowers borne freely in June3
DeutziaPink pom PomArching branches. Double pale pink fading to white3
DeutziaStrawberry FieldsUpright habit. Flowers are strawberry pink and floriferous3
DrimysLanceolataDark red shoots, leathery, lance-shaped, glossy, dark green leaves, clusters of fragrant, pale yellow or white flowers in mid- and late spring and spherical, black fruit in autumn.2
Eleagnus'Ebbingii'Fast growing, white flower May, red fruits Autumn (E)3
EleagnusPungens 'Maculata'Small white fragrant flowers, leaf centres yellow (E)37.506.9
Escallonia (E)Apple BlossomLow growing, with pink and white flowers 3
Escallonia (E)c f BallLarger leaves - deep red flowers3
Escallonia (E)Donard SeedlingVigorous, flowers pink in bud opening to white. Good hedger 3
Escallonia (E)Donard RadianceAttractive evergreen hedger3
Escallonia (E)IveyiiWhite flowers (3
Escallonia (E)MacranthaVigorous, large shiny leaves, rose crimson flowers (3
EuonymousAlatus 'Compactus'Slow growing shrub, outstanding red autumn colour2
EuonymousAureopictusUpright habit, foliage with green margins and gold centre (E)2
Euonymous Fortunei'Emerald & Gold'Dwarf shrub, gold variegated leaves, pinky in winter (E)2
Euonymous Fortunei'Emerald Gaiety'Green and cream markings, small (E)2
Euonymous Fortunei'sun Spot'Dark green with yellow splash (E)2
EuonymousJaponica Albo MarginataWhite variegation on dark green leaves (E)
EuonymousOvatus AureusBroad yellow margined yellow-green leaves
ExochordaMacrantha 'the Bride'Small weeping shrub, prolific white flowers, May3
Fagus SylvaticaGreen beech hedging (discounts for quantity)2
Fagus Sylvatica'Purpurea'Purple beech2
Fagus SylvaticaSee also tree section
FatsiaJaponicaLarge dark green leaves, white globular flowers, Oct (E)3
FatsiaJaponicaLarge dark green leaves, white globular flowers, Oct (E)10
ForsythiaBeatrix FarrandLarge, deep yellow flowers, early3
ForsythiaLynwoodMasses of bright gold flowers, early3
ForsythiaMini-GoldDwarf form, grows only to 4ft2
FremontodendronCalifornicumSemi-evergreen shrub, spectacular large yellow flowers, needs south wall10
Fuchsia HardyVarieties - please enquire for varieties currently available2
Garrya EllipticaSpectacular grey-green catkins, early (E)3
Garrya EllipticaSpectacular grey-green catkins, early (E)10
GenistaLydiaSlender hanging branches, yellow flowers, June3
GenistaHispanicaSpanish gorse, yellow flowers (E)3
GriseliniaLittoralisPretty shaped, leathery leaves (E)3
Griselinia'Variegata'Leaves margined yellow (E)3
Griselinia'Variegata'Leaves margined yellow (E)10
HamamelisMollisChinese witch hazel, yellow flowers Dec / March3
Hebe (E)AngustifoliaNarrow light green leaves and white flower spikes. 1m approx.3
Hebe (E)Franciscana VariegataLarge variegated leaves, violet flowers3
Hebe (E)mrs WinderDark green leaves,tinged reddish-brown. Small, violet-blue flowers3
Hebe (E)PageiMasses of pure white flowers on purple stems in late spring, fleshy blue-green leaves3
Hebe (E)red EdgeDwarf bun-shaped bush, white flowers, blue foliage, red edges3
Hebe (E)Purple ShamrockVariegated foliage, bright blue flowers3
Hebe (E)
HibiscusShrubby Mallow'trumpet flowers July-Oct
HibiscusSyriacus 'Blue Bird'Violet-blue with darker eye3
Hibiscus'red Heart'White, red centre3
Hibiscus'Woodbridge'Rich rose pink3
HydrangeaAll except white hydrangeas will be shades of blue in acid soils and shades of pink in alkaline soils.
HydrangeaArborescens AnnabelleHuge globes of tightly packed creamy white bracts.3
HydrangeaAltonaLarge pink flowerheads3
HydrangeaKing GeorgeMop-head. Strong deciduous shrub with large rose-pink florets during summer. Blue in acid soils.3
HydrangeaMariesii Perfecta (syn.
HydrangeaBlue Wave)Blue/Mauve lacecap flowers in acid soil. Pink in alkaline.3
Hydrangeamme Emile MoulliereWhite mop head flowers sometimes tinged pink in full sun3
HydrangeaVanille Fraise Creamy-white flowers turn shades of pink as they age, before finally taking on rich red and russet tones.3
HydrangeaQuercifolia Snow QueenFine shrub with large, scalloped oak-like leaves producing lovely colours in autumn. Large heads of white flowers in summer. 6 ft.3
HypericumCalycinum'Rose of Sharon', fast spreading ground cover, yellow flowers (E)3
HypericumHidcoteSemi-evergeen, very persistent yellow flower, July / Oct2
Hypericumx Moseranum 'Tricolor'Leaves pink, white and geen, yellow flowers July / Oct (E)2
Ilex (E)'Holly'
Ilex (E)Altaclarensis 'Gold King'Gold margined holly, spineless leaves, red berries (female)3
Ilex (E)Altaclarensis 'Gold King'Gold margined holly, spineless leaves, red berries (female)10
Ilex (E)Crenata Golden GemLow-growing, compact, dwarf evergreen spreading shrub. Small, golden-yellow leaves.3
Ilex (E)'Lawsoniana'Dark and light green and gold variegation3
Ilex (E)AquifoliumCommon hedging holly2
Ilex (E)AquifoliumCommon hedging holly5
Ilex (E)Argentea MarginataLeaf margins white3
Ilex (E)AureamarginataGolden edges to spiny leaves3
Ilex (E)Ferox ArgentiaHedgehog holly, spined silver variegated leaves3
Ilex (E)Ferox AureaHedgehog holly, spined golden variegated3
IteaHenry's GarnetCylindrical racemes of fragrant creamy-white flowers in June. Good red/purple autumn colour3
JasminiumSee climber pages
KerriaJaponicaGolden yellow flowers, green toothed leaves. Shade tolerant.3
KolkwitziaAmabilis'Beauty bush', pink and yellow flowers3
LaurusNobilis'Sweet bay', aromatic leaves (E)3
LaurusNobilis'Sweet bay', aromatic leaves (E)10
LavandulaAngustifolia 'Rosea'Lavender-pink flowers July2
Lavandula'Hidcote'Compact, grey-green leaves, violet flowers 2
Lavandula'Munstead'Dwarf old English lavender2
LavandulaStoechas'French lavender'. Dark purple flowers in dense terminal heads2
LavateraOblia 'Rosea'Vigorous growing, saucer-shaped pink flowers, summer-autumn3
LavateraBarnsleyFlowers white, pink centre3
LavateraBurgundy WineSlower growing, flowers deep pink3
Leptospermum'red Damask'Fully double deep red flowers (E)3
LeucothoeCatesbaei 'Rainbow'Small shrub, multicoloured foliage (E)2
LeycesteriaFormosaWhite flowers with red-purple bracts, purple berries3
LigustrumOvalifoliumCommon Privet2
Ligustrum'Aureum'Yellow margined privet2
Ligustrum'Argenteomarginata'Silver margined privet2
LiquidamberStyraciflua'Sweet Gum', brilliant red autumn leaves, unusual bark2
LirodendronTulipiferaTulip Tree', yellow / green flowers, odd shaped leaves, yellow in Autumn2
LithodoraHeavenly BlueVibrant blue star shaped flowers. Good ground cover3
Lonicera(see also climber pages)
LoniceraNitida 'Baggesen's Gold'Dense habit, yellow leaves (E)3
LoniceraNitida 'Baggesen's Gold'Dense habit, yellow leaves (E)10
Lonicera'Lemon Beauty'Low growing white gold variegated foliage, very hardy (E)2
LoniceraFragrantissimaVery fragrant cream flowers, late winter3
LoniceraMaigreenClose knit, bushy evergreen hedging plant. Good for topiary3
LoniceraPileataDwarf horizontal shrub, violet berries, shiny leaves (E)3
LoniceraPileataDwarf horizontal shrub, violet berries, shiny leaves (E)10
LoropetalumFiredancePurple foliage with pink flowers. Prefers an acid soil3
MagnoliaLiliflora 'Nigra'Flowers spring and summer, tulip shaped, deep purple outside, creamy inside3
MagnoliaSoulangianaPink tulip shaped flowers, April3
Magnolia'Rustica Rubra'Red tulip shaped flowers, April3
MagnoliaStellataSlow growing white star shaped flowers, small3
Magnoliax Loebneri
Magnolia'Leonard Messel'Star shaped flowers, deep pink to lilac, chalk tolerant3
Magnolia'Merril'Oustanding shrub, large white fragrant star flowers, chalk tolerant3
MahoniaAquifoliumLow shrub, deep golden yellow flowers (E)2
MahoniaCharitySpiney long leaves, flowers yellow, fragrant, Autumn (E)3
MahoniaCharitySpiney long leaves, flowers yellow, fragrant, Autumn (E)10
Mahoniax Media Winter SunUpright spikes of fragrant yellow flowers during winter3
Myrtus (Luma)'Gwenleam Gold'Variegated myrtle (E)2
Myrtus (Luma)TarentinaSmall-leaved myrtle. Large, pink-tinted cream flowers in summer2
NandinaDomesticaUpright, bamboo-like habit, the compound leaves with lanceolate leaflets, purplish when young and again in winter. 3
NandinaDomestica 'Firepower'Sacred Bamboo. Green foliage tinged purple, small white flowers in summer3
Olearia'Daisy Bush'
OleariaMacrodonta'New Zealand Holly', fragrant white daisy flowers, June (E)4
Oleariax HaastiiSmall rounded bush, white daisy flowers, July (E)3
OleariaNummularifoliaUnusual dwarf form, fragrant white flowers, July (E)3
OsmanthusGoshikiVariegated foliage white and pink, fragrant white flowers (E)2
OsmanthusHeterophyllus VariegataSlow-growing holly-like shrub, small variegated shiny leaves (E)2
OsmanthusHeterophyllus PurpureaDeep purple young growth2
PachysandraTerminalisCarpeting evergreen shrub, white flowers2
PachysandraTerminalis VariegataWhite markings of foliage2
ParahebePorlockLow border plant. Cascading lavender blue flowers3
Perovskia'Blue Spire'Small aromatic shrub, flowers late summer2
PhiladelphusCoronarius AureusBright yellow leaves, white flowers3
Philadelphus'Innocence'Single white flowers, variegated foliage3
PhiladelphusManteau d'HermineCreamy double fragrant flowers, smaller growing2
PhiladelphusVirginalLarge fragrant flowers3
PhlomisFruticosa'Jerusalem Sage'. Grey leaves, yellow flowers (E)2
PhormiumTenax'New Zealand Flax'. Small shrub, bronze sword-like foliage (E)2
PhormiumPurpureumPurple leaved form (E)2
Photinia'red Robin'Glossy green leaves, brilliant red young growths (E)3
Photinia'red Robin'Glossy green leaves, brilliant red young growths (E)10
PhyllostachysBambooPlease enquire for sizes and prices currently available
PhyllostachysNigraDistinctive black stemmed bamboo
PhyllostachysAureaGolden yellow stems with random green stripes
PhysocarpusDiaboloDeep purple foliage and blooms in early summer with pretty pinkish white flowers followed by very attractive bright red seeds3
PhysocarpusDart's Gold3
Pieris (E)(Require lime-free soil)
Pieris (E)'Flaming Silver'White variegation, red new growth2
Pieris (E)'Forest Flame'Young leaves red, becoming pink and creamy white 3
Pieris (E)Japonica 'Little Heath'Bronze new growth, dwarf2
Pieris (E)jap 'Little Heath GreenSlow growing shrub, leaves creamy white when young.4
Pieris (E)'Mountain Fire'Deep red new growth3
Pieris (E)'Purity'Masses of pure white flowers3
Pieris (E)Valley RosePastel pink flowers, with new bronze leaf growth
Pittosporum (E)Abbotsbury GoldWavy-edged, yellow splashed foliage on black stems3
Pittosporum (E)GarnettiiGrey/green leaves, margined creamy white, spotted pink in winter3
Pittosporum (E)Gold StarGold-green, wavy foliage, with creamy white midribs and contrasting red branchlets
Pittosporum (E)Silver QueenGrey-green foliage with white edges. Scented bell-shaped flowers3
Pittosporum (E)TenuifoliumAttractive crinkly leaves, small purple flowers, spring 3
Pittosporum (E)tom ThumbDwarf evergreen shrub with reddish-brown foliage3
Pittosporum (E)
PotentillaAbbotswoodTall growing with pure white flowers
PotentillaElizabethSmall leaves and large bright yellow flowers3
PotentillaKatherine DykesLarge yellow flowers, erect growing3
PotentillaKatherine DykesLarge yellow flowers, erect growing10
PotentillaPrimrose BeautyPrimrose yellow flowers3
Potentillared AceFlowers orangey red3
PotentillaTangerineTangerine orange flowers3
PotentillaTilford CreamLow habit, white flowers3
ProstantheraCunneataDwarf 'mint bush'. White/lilac flowers (E)2
PrunusSee also tree pages
PrunusLaurocerasusCommon hedging laurel (E)2
PrunusLaurocerasusCommon hedging laurel (E)10
PrunusMount VernonDwarf, dense form2
Prunus'Otto Luyken'Low, compact shrub, narrow shiny leaves, white flowers (E)3
Prunus'Zabeliana'Low, horizontally branched, narrow leaves, free flowering (E)3
PrunusLuscitanica'Portugal Laurel'3
PrunusLuscitanica'Portugal Laurel'10
Prunus'Variegata'Leaves conspicuously white margined (E)3
Pyracantha'Firethorn' (E)
PyracanthaOrange GlowVigorous, dense shrub with bright orange fruits3
PyracanthaMohaveVigorous red berried form3
Pyracanthared ColumnRed fruits, ripen early 3
PyracanthaRogersiana 'Flava'Bright yellow fruits3
Pyracantha'Soleil d'or'Golden yellow berries borne in large clusters3
Pyracantha'Teton'Vigorous, profuse yellow-orange berries3
RhododendronDwarf Varieties:-
RhododendronHybrid Varieties:-
RhusTyphina'Stag's Horn Sumach'. Crimson fruits, good autumn colour1017.5
RibesAlpinum AureumGolden currant. Small shrub with pretty yellow flowers in summer and lovely autumn colours
Ribes'King Edward vii'Popular flowering currant, crimson flowers3
Ribes'King Edward vii'Popular flowering currant, crimson flowers10
RibesOdoratumSmall flowering currant, clove-scented gold-yellow flowers, April3
RosmarinusOfficionalis Miss Jessop'Rosemary'. Dense aromatic shrub, blue flowers2
RosmarinusProstratusLow growing form2
SalixCaprea Pendula'Pussy Willow'. Silvery catkins studded with golden antlers7.5
SalixIntegra 'Hakuro Nishiki'Small shrub, beautiful pink, cream and green variegated foliage3
SalixAlso available as top-worked standard
Sambucus NigraElder
Sambucus Nigra'Black Beauty'Striking dark foliage, pink flowers, lemon-scent3
Sambucus Nigra'Black Lace'3
Sambucus Nigra'Sutherland Gold'Bright yellow foliage, small shrubby habit3
SantolinaChamaecyparissusDwarf, silver foliage, yellow flowers, July2
SarcococcaRuscifolia'Christmas Box'. Small growing, very fragrant white flowers (E)3
SarcococcaRuscifolia'Christmas Box'. Small growing, very fragrant white flowers (E)7.5
SenecioSunshineSilver foliage, yellow flowers (E)3
Skimmia Japonica (E)'Foremanii'Bright red fruits. Female.3
Skimmia Japonica (E)NymansWhite flowers in April and May. Red fruits if male also planted.
Skimmia Japonica (E)'Rubella'White flowers, large red buds. Male.3
Spiraeax Arguta'Bridal Wreath'. Pure white flowers3
Spiraea'Anthony Waterer'Bright red flowers, variegated leaves3
Spiraea'Gold Flame'Red flowers, new leaves yellow/pink3
Spiraea'Gold Mound'Yellow foliage, dwarf shrub, pink flowers3
Spiraea'Little Princess'Rose pink flowers, small shrub3
SpiraeaSnowmoundArching habit, white flowers May3
SpiraeaVanhouteiiArching branches, white flowers, June3
StephanandraIncisa CrispaGround cover, mound forming with arching branches
SyringaMeyeri 'Palibin'Fragrant, lavender pink flowers, dwarf variety3
Syringa'Charles Joly'Double, purple-red3
Syringa'Charles Joly'Double, purple-red5
Syringa'Katherine Havemeyer'Double, lavender pink3
Syringa'Katherine Havemeyer'Double, lavender pink5
Syringa'Madame Lemoine'Pure white, double3
Syringa'Madame Lemoine'Pure white, double5
SyringaMiss KimSlower growing form with sweetly scented, mauve-pink flowers3
SyringaPalibinFragrant lavender pink flowers. Slow growing form3
TamarixTetrandraFeathery plumes of pink flowers2
ViburnumBodnantense DawnAmple clusters of richly fragrant rose pink flowers, late autumn3
Viburnumx BurkwoodiiFragrant white flowers, Jan-May. (E)3
ViburnumDavidiiSmall compact, ground covering shrub, leathery glossy leaves (E)2
ViburnumOpulus 'Roseum''Snowball'. Globular, creamy-white flowers, June3
ViburnumPlicatum 'Lanarth'Horizontal branches and lacecap white flowers3
ViburnumPlicatum 'Mariesii'Abundant white flowers on tiered branches. Good autumn colour3
Viburnum'Pragense'Creamy-white flowers, pink in bud, May. (E)3
ViburnumRhytodyphyllumLarge leaved shrub with creamy white flowers, good on chalk (E)3
ViburnumSummer SnowflakeAlmost horizontal branches, leaves turning wine red in autumn. Masses of white flowers May/June3
ViburnumTinusMasses of dark glossy leaves, white flowers through winter (E)3
ViburnumTinus 'eve Price'Dwarf form, dense with pink flowers (E)3
ViburnumTinus VariegataUseful evergreen with variegated leaves and white flowers3
ViburnumTinus Variegata
Vinca (E)'Periwinkle'
Vinca (E)MajorGreater periwinkle, Bright blue flowers, April-June2
Vinca (E)Major 'Variegata'Leaves have attractive cream edge2
Vinca (E)MinorLesser periwinkle. Bright purple flowers2
Vinca (E)Gertrude JekyllLovely white flowered form.2
Weigela'Abel Carriere'Large bright rose-carmine flowers flecked gold in the throat.3
WeigelaBristol RubyClusters of funnel-shaped, red flowers amidst dark-green leaves3
WeigelaFlorida 'Foliis Purpureis'Compact form with purple-flushed leaves and pink flowers3
Weigela'Variegata'Leaves edged creamy-white, pink flowers3
WeigelaVictoriaDeep red, tubular, flowers in May and June. Purple flushed leaves. 3
Yucca (E)FilamentosaWhite threads on leaf margins, white flowers July-August (E)2
Yucca (E)'Bright Edge'Leaves with a narrow golden yellow margin (E)2
Yucca (E)Gloriosa VariegataBlue-green, sword-shaped leaves with cream margins and large panicles of cream flowers (E)2


Climbing Plants

grown in 3L pots on 3’ canes unless otherwise stated

Catalogue of climbers (scrollable)
ActinidiaKolomiktaVariegated foliage, white flowers, June£9.50
AmpelopsisElegansGreen palmate leaves heavily mottled with pink and white, pink stems£7.50
CampsisRadicans Dancing Flame'Trumpet Vine', brilliant scarlet flowers£7.50
CampsisIndian Summer
ClematisComtesse de BouchardRose pink flowers with creamy yellow stamens£7.90
ClematisBroughton StarSemi double. Pale pink with darker vein. Vigorous£7.90
ClematisHagley HybridDelicate mauve-pink, cup-shaped flowers with reddish-brown centres£7.90
ClematisJan Powell IILarge, pink tinged white flowers with red anthers£7.90
ClematisMarie Boisselot / Miss BatemanLarge, pure white flowers with cream stamens and broad, rounded, overlapping petals, June - September£7.90
ClematisMontana RubensVigorous. Strongly fragrant pink flowers£7.90
ClematisMontana Grandiflora AlbaVigorous, early, clear white flowers£7.90
ClematisRouge CardinalLarge open crimson velvet flowers£7.90
Clematisthe PresidentLarge purple blue flowers with silver reverse£7.90
ClematisVille de LyonRich dark crimson with yellow anthers. July-Oct£7.90
HederaColchica Dentata VarLarge leaved ivy, golden margins£7.50
HederaGloire de MarengoLarge leaved ivy, deep yellow centres£7.50
HederaSulphur HeartLarge gold and lime variegated leaves£7.50
Hedera HelixGold HeartGold centred, small leaved ivy£7.50
Hedera HelixGlacierGrey/blue leaved ivy£7.50
Hedera HelixGoldchildVariegated, yellow margins£7.50
Hedera HelixGreen RippleJagged green leaves with dark shading£7.50
HumulusLupulus 'Aureus'Soft yellow foliage£9.50
HydrangeaPetiolarisClimbing hydrangea. White flowers, June. Good for shady spot£9.50
HydrangeaPetiolarisClimbing hydrangea. White flowers, June. Good for shady spot 10ltr£19.50
JasminiumAureumLeaves variegated yellow, white fragrant flowers£7.50
JasminiumBeesianumSmall fragrant red flowers£7.50
JasminiumFiona Sunrisegolden yellow, fern like foliage. Fragrant, white flowers £7.50
JasminiumHumile RevolutumLarge deep yellow flowers throughout summer£7.50
JasminiumNudiflorum'Winter Jasmine', yellow flowers, Nov-Feb£7.50
JasminiumOfficionaleScented white flowers£7.50
Jasminiumx StephanansePale pink flowers, summer£7.50
LoniceraDropmore ScarletSmall fragrant orangey-red flowers with bright orange inner£7.50
LoniceraJaponica HallianaEvergreen, fragrant white flower£7.50
LoniceraHeckrottii Gold FlameSemi-evergreen, rose pink with yellow interior£7.50
LoniceraHenryiiLarge leaved, evergreen, fragrant
LoniceraPericyclemen BelgicaEarly dutch honeysuckle£7.50
LoniceraPericyclemen SerotinaLate dutch honeysuckle£7.50
ParthenocissusQuinquefolia'Virginia Creeper', brilliant autumn colour, large leaves£7.50
ParthenocissusVeitchii'Boston Ivy', smaller leaved form, purple in autumn£7.50
PassifloraCaeruleaBlue Passion Flower£9.50
PolygonumBaldschuanicum'Russian Vine', vigorous, pink tinged flowers£7.50
PyracanthaOrange GlowVigorous, dense shrub with bright orange fruits£6.90
PyracanthaMohaveVigorous red berried form£6.90
Pyracanthared ColumnRed fruits, ripen early £6.90
PyracanthaRogersiana 'Flava'Bright yellow fruits£6.90
Pyracantha'Soleil d'or'Golden yellow berries borne in large clusters£6.90
SolanumGlasnevinBlue flowers£7.50
SolanumJasminoides 'Alba'Flowers white with yellow centres£7.50
TrachelospermumJasminoidesA fast-growing climber with glossy dark green leaves often turning deep red in winter, and clusters of very fragrant white flowers.£9.50
VitisCoignetiaeLarge leaved vine, spectacular autumn colour£7.50
VitisPurpureaBronze young foliage deepens to mauve then rich deep purple.£7.50
WisteriaSinensisLarge shrub, fragrant mauve flowers£7.50
WisteriaSinensis AlbaFlowers white
WisteriaViolocea Plena'Black Dragon' Vigorous climber with double violet-purple flowers
WisteriaOther varieties and sizes often available